What’s the next level for you?

Executive coaching that gets results, teams that perform at their best, and presentations that make their points.

Singularity University Incubator Program Photo by Patricia Chin-Sweeney

“As both a personal presentation coach, a personal development coach and a facilitator and moderator for team building you will find none better.”

John Little

Executive coaching for results.

Sometimes, the only thing that needs to change for everything to change is your point of view.

What’s the next level for you?

You’re already successful or you wouldn’t be here.

Do you want to take your career or your company to the next level?

Are you taking on a new challenge and looking for support?

Do you have concerns about the very people you normally confide in and need a confidant who will listen objectively?

Are you stuck for ideas and need a sounding board?

Do you recognize there’s a gap in your skills?

What’s holding you back?

One of these days, if it hasn’t happened already, you’re going to realize that the key to your success so far is precisely what’s keeping you from getting to the next level.

You have a bold vision. I’ll help you get from here to there.

I’ll support you as a leader, be a thinking partner, help you clarify your vision, achieve your goals, make decisions, solve problems, and deal more effectively with change. We’ll address performance issues and blind spots that may be holding you back. And you’ll build skills to help you be more effective in your current position, or prepare you for a future position, including leadership, presentation, sales, people management, and problem-solving.

I’ll help you clarify where you want to go, create a plan to get there, adapt to the inevitable changes that assail the best of plans, and stay the course.

“SAP is a challenging environment: employees come from multiple cultures and backgrounds and are extremely demanding and critical. Robert consistently scored the highest satisfaction results with the team and was admired by all participants for his natural leadership ability and his aptitude to combine fundamental learning with fun.”

Ori Inbar

Teams that perform at their best.
Your team is critical to your success. If your team isn’t performing, nothing gets done. And most problems on a team aren’t technical problems or even a lack of resources. They’re people problems.

A team is a group of people who are on the same side, pulling in the same direction to accomplish something greater than they could achieve individually. But how do you get a group of individuals with unique personalities and competing needs to pull together in the same direction?

Are you kicking off a project and need a team to come together quickly and be productive from the jump?

Is your team in a rut?

Does it need to be inspired again?

Or is your team coming apart at the seams and need an intervention to clear the air, come together and get back on track?

Time and resources are at a premium. Can you really afford to take everyone away from their work and bring them together for a meeting that doesn’t produce results? Can you really afford not to bring your people together and help them to be as productive as they can be?

I can help you clarify your goals for your team or assess your team to identify blocks to performance. I can help you design and facilitate a team event that will actually improve the performance of your team, not just be a welcome break from the daily grind.

Maybe you think your team is just fine. When was the last time you talked to the people on your team and asked them how things were going?

“He managed to make really amazing positive changes in both the quality as well as the content of our IPO roadshow, it was truly amazing.”

Siobhan MacDermott

Presentations that make their points.

Don’t sand wood. Hammer nails.

Let’s get right to the point.

Most presentations suck.


For some reason, a lot of presentations go on and on about things that aren’t important. I call it sanding wood. It usually happens when someone doesn’t really know what they want to say. You know, they keep talking around the subject without getting to the point.

Instead, hammer nails. Make your point and move on.

I’ve coached hundreds of people to be more confident and articulate when they present. Some coaches will show you videos of famous people and encourage you to present like Steve Jobs or Barack Obama. But you don’t have to be like them. In fact, very few people can.

You just have to be yourself. Only better.

You have to play to your natural strengths and minimize your weaknesses, those few things you do that distract from your message. The rest is learning some basic skills that help you get your message across.

Whether you’re preparing for a keynote, analyst presentation, IPO roadshow, or earnings call, I’ll help you craft a more compelling presentation and polish your delivery skills. You’ll actually enjoy presenting.


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