“Robert might be one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.”
Robert Lang

“I strongly recommend you use Robert if you are looking to mature as a top exec, strengthen your team, improve your strategic thinking ability, present like a celeb, sell or articulate your vision clearly and simply.”
JR Smith, Partner, Evolution Equity Partners

“Robert is a powerful executive coach and strategist. He has a strong capacity to coach individuals as well as groups to maximize their full potential.”
Monique Giggy, Managing Director – SU Ventures at Singularity University

“Robert coached me for an important talk at our client summit. He helped me immeasurably with my presentation narrative and flow, body language, delivery, and poise, and gave me a tremendous amount of confidence. The results? “It was magic!” (from an audience member)”
Roddy Lindsay
, CEO at Hustle

“Robert is an all around talented individual, always passionate, absolutely trustworthy, collaborative, caring, and one of the nicest people I have ever worked with.”
Ori Inbar, Founder at Super Ventures and AWE

Robert worked with our exec management team at AVG while we were going through our IPO. He managed to make really amazing positive changes in both the quality as well as the content of our IPO roadshow, it was truly amazing. Robert’s creativity and passion were really a driving force behind our success, as were his words of wisdom and encouragement.
Siobhan MacDermott, Global Cyber Public Policy Exec

“It is not often one gets to say that a single day can change a life, but that is what Robert did for me.”
Liesl Capper, CEO, Co-Founder, Akin

“Robert is a thoughtful, observant coach that gives effective guidance, helping one focus on the key things that will have the most effective results going forward. He is pleasant to be around and understands the corporate dynamic around communication and positioning one’s self or team for maximum positive impact.”
John Zakos, Program Director, Virtual Agents at IBM

“The breadth and depth of Robert’s coaching skills are highly insightful and also grounded in solid business acumen.”
Beth Waitkus, Founder and Executive Director, Insight Garden Program

“Robert brings great insight and candor.”
Christian Bailey, Chief Scientist at Curated Innovation

“He has proven time and time again to be a stellar coach and support to founders from a wide array of backgrounds, stages and industries…”
Kelly Kronmiller, Senior Program Manager at Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

“As both a personal presentation coach, a personal development coach and a facilitator and moderator for team building you will find none better. Also a really great guy to work with.”
John Little, CFO


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