The Love Threshold is the heart of Coaching From Essence.

February 8, 2022
1 PM to 3 PM PST
$79 Tuition

Not all life coaching is executive coaching, but all executive coaching is life coaching. If you want to do deep, powerful work with your clients, you will eventually come face-to-face with the Love Threshold—the fear that deep inside, the truth is that you’re unlovable.

If you are struggling to create your coaching practice (or anything else you truly want in your life), it’s likely that you. have some work to do on your Love Threshold.

​We’ll cover:

  • ​All of the thresholds—silliness, knowledge, trust, sanity, and love
  • ​What is “love”?
  • ​Deep understanding of the Love Threshold and how it holds your clients—and you—back from creating what you truly want to create
  • ​How to recognize Love Threshold issues
  • ​How to introduce the Love Threshold to your clients
  • ​How to support your clients to do the Love work

​You’ll have an opportunity to work with another coach and to network with other coaches in the community so you can support each other throughout the year.

Note: To attend this program, you must commit to participating for the entire two hours.

Community Calls are now open to guests. Please invite anyone you know who would be an excellent addition to our community.

To participate in this workshop, please plan on attending for the entire two hours.