This month the free Community Call is an opportunity to see a longer coaching demo and have more time to practice with a partner.

January 22, 2022
1 PM to 3 PM PST

If you’ve attended previous calls or Master Classes, you know that I have a tendency to pack as much as possible in the sessions, leaving little or no time for coaching demonstrations or practices. This time will be different. I promise.

In the first hour, I’ll do a coaching demonstration with a participant followed by a nuanced debrief. You’ll see the ideas, models, and skills in action. Depending on the volunteer, the demo may include essencework, edgework, lovework… in other words, real work so you can see the process and the impact in real-time.

Then you’ll have a chance to play. You’ll work with a partner and coach—and be coached—on something that’s real for you. Not a roleplay. Real work. Then we’ll debrief the sessions and answer any questions.

This session will be a good review for anyone who’s been studying the Coaching From Essence materials and will be especially valuable for anyone who has been studying the videos or their own.

Note: To attend this program, you must commit to participating for the entire two hours.