Take your coaching to the next level.

This is not a course. It will be very similar to the previous Apprenticeship program but will not include 1:1 coaching—or a year-long commitment. The program will meet every Tuesday, from 10 AM to noon Pacific Time. The content will vary depending on the needs of the participants each week, but may include:

You’ll bring case studies from your own practice and get coaching from Robert and the group to address real challenges.

You’ll have an opportunity to be in the “hot seat” and be coached by Robert and/or one or more fellow coaches.

We’ll take a more nuanced, deeper look at some of the key models and concepts, as needed. You’ll also be introduced to my latest thinking.

You’ll do focused coaching practice with other coaches in private breakout sessions—or in front of the group, where you can get specific feedback to hone your skills.

A focus of the program will be supporting you in building your practice so you can support yourself as a coach. That means getting clear about your ideal practice, ideal client, mastering your dream sessions and enrollment conversations, and learning how to manage contracting, fees, etc. Too many incredible coaches come through Coaching From Essence (and other coaching programs) and never go on to become professional coaches because they don’t know how to create a sustainable coaching practice. Not here.

To attend the Coaching From Essence Master Coach program you should be familiar with the curriculum. You may have attended a CFE course or have studied the materials available online on the CFE Community Forum (it’s FREE) AND you are committed to creating a powerful—and financially sustainable—coaching practice.

Participation will also give you access to a special Master Coach space on the community forum and access to all of the material there as long as you’re enrolled.

The Master Coach Program is a new community within the Coaching From Essence community, Master Coach. Enrollment will be open and won’t require a year-long commitment (like the previous apprenticeship program). You can pay month-to-month. Membership will open at the beginning of every month. You can continue in the program as long as you find it valuable—or drop out at the end of any month.

I’ll also be offering some Master Classes and your tuition for the Master Coach program will include any Master Classes offered that month. 

Tuition is $300/month. Partial scholarships will be available for a limited number of participants. I never let money be the reason I work or don’t work with someone.

Enrollment will be limited (I’m not putting a number on it just yet) and you’ll have your place in the program as long as you continue.