Do you love your clients? Are you just starting and don’t know how to create paying clients you love? Are you making as much money as you deserve for the coaching you do? Are you ready to give yourself a raise?

Most coaches—especially new coaches—take on any client who can afford to pay. They pursue money instead of service. They chase clients and sessions and build transactional practices they don’t love with little financial stability. I know coaches who have 30 to 40 clients in their practice. That’s a recipe for burnout.

Creating a practice you love is about building relationships. When I had a full-time coaching practice, I worked with no more than 10-12 clients at a time (I’ve cut back my practice to coach coaches and multiply my impact). I work on retainer. The minimum commitment is three months (for someone in transition), and most of my clients are CEOs who commit to a minimum of a year (I’ve coached clients for over three years).

When you create long-term relationships with clients you love, coming from a place of abundance and generosity (at least a third of my practice has always been pro bono, and I never let money be the reason I do or don’t work with someone), you’re able to do deep work and create financial stability based on mutual commitment and fairness. Since I adopted an abundance mindset about my work, I’ve made more money than ever (multiple six-figures) and been happier with my work than I’ve ever been.

This Client Creation Sprint will teach you everything you need to know to create an ideal practice full of your ideal clients. You’ll learn how to do powerful dream sessions and enroll clients on a journey where you can do real work and create powerful results.

The Client Creation Sprint is a Master Coach program of Coaching From Essence. To attend this program, you should be familiar with the Coaching From Essence curriculum. The first Coaching From Essence program took place outside San Francisco in January of 2020 and cost $3,500. There have since been three virtual cohorts, and the community has grown to almost 300 coaches.

The community and the course are now completely FREE. You can watch tens of hours of raw, unedited video, plus hours of coaching demonstrations, Master Classes, and community calls. It’s a complete program for becoming a powerful coach, building a sustainable practice, and doing the work you love.

Go here to become a member of the Coaching From Essence community and take the complete coaching program FREE.

The Client Creation Sprint will meet every Tuesday morning from 10 AM to Noon Pacific over Zoom. Tuition is only $300. Some partial scholarships are available. Registration is limited.

More details, application, and registration for the Client Creation Sprint here.

Client Creation Sprint
Client Creation Sprint