“With Michèle, I always feel like I have an unbiased, honest, and trustworthy ally…”

Komal Ahmad

“Michele’s unique blend of senior-level consulting experience, mindfulness perspective, data-driven analytical brain, and heart-forward compassion, makes her the thought partner that any executive would want in their corner. I sure do, and once you begin to tap into Michele’s wealth of knowledge, you will too.”
Wendy Wecksall, Co-Founder Canvus; Partner, Breakout

“Michele is a trailblazer. She is an incredible leadership and executive coach with a passion for creating change. As a Founding Coach at The Coaching Fellowship, she has inspired and coached some of our most extraordinary global young leaders. Furthermore, she has been one of the strongest advocates for our work in supporting the growth of women leaders. At her core, Michele helps people get out of their own way, intimately know their strengths and motivates them to action. I cannot recommend her coaching expertise and character enough.”
Jane Finette, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Radical

“By no exaggeration, Michele has helped me transform my life. Her coaching has enabled me to perform 10X better as a CEO, professional, and woman in business. With Michele, I always feel like I have an unbiased, honest, and trustworthy ally in my corner to help me strategically think through the inevitable hurdles and challenges that come with leading a company (and a movement).
Komal Ahmad, CEO & Founder, Copia

“Michele’s blend of intellect, compassion and accountability is the needed recipe to help me continually define and reach my goals across all areas of life. Michele has become one my most trusted mentors, confidants and champions – I am grateful to have her in my corner!”
Jacqueline Davis, Sr. Director of Business Development, View Glass

“Michele was exceptional at helping me define, clarify, and deliver on my professional goals. She taught me new skills and awareness that helped me identify my core challenges and reframe them as opportunities for growth.  Our sessions together trained me to respond to specific management hurdles with compassion, strategic-thinking, and integrity all of which have helped me to develop into a more effective leader. The wisdom, humor, sharp insight, and candor that Michele brought to our meetings allowed me to better understand and control my own behavior. Ultimately, my experience working with Michele has had a direct and significant impact on the success of my team and has been pivotal in pushing me to reach the next level of my own personal and professional growth.”
Sonya Fierst, Lending Club

“The tools we built and continue to build together have given me a great deal of clarity, confidence, and the ability to face my fears and let go of things that are outside of my realm of control….Michele has been an essential advisor, teaching me the tools to be a more effective communicator, partner, leader, and values-centered human.”
Meghan Holzhauer, Co-founder, Curiosity Labs

“Michèle’s approach provided a neutral and supportive environment to push my own boundaries without judgement. She brings a wealth of experience and tools, which helped me build a stronger foundation for contemplating future professional opportunities or changes. Michèle also empowered me to find courage to pursue uncharted territory.”
Beth Holzman, ELEVATE Global

“Michele’s presentation was both interesting and engaging.  But even more of a plus, she showed how understanding and applying the ‘science of happiness’ could improve daily life–even in the cynical world of law firms.  From a management and a human perspective, her seminar was a win/win.”
Sandra Stone, Managing Partner, LHB Pacific Law Partners, LLP
“Michele is a very seasoned executive coach and a wonderful person. Her coaching has enabled me to see things from different angles and have the issues resolved in creative and unexpected ways. She genuinely cares about the people she works with. She has my highest respect and endorsement.”
Eva Wang, Bioinformatics Director, Gladstone Institutes


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