Begin before you’re ready.

Give everything to everything.

Create relationships, not transactions.

Give more than you get. Generosity, contribution.

Create better than you can imagine. Don’t just recreate what you already know you can create.

What wants to happen? What’s calling you? What are you longing for? What wants to live through you? Beginner’s mind. Empty your cup.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Reality is not fixed. We are co-creators.

Version Infinity. Continuous beta. Live updates.

Stop living your life as if you were immortal.

If you do the work, success is assured, though how and when is unpredictable.

Uncertainty equals possibility equals opportunity.

It’s not metaphysics, it’s statistics.

Turn towards everything.

Create from your essence.

Begin before you’re ready.

2. Give everything to everything.

3. Progressive disclosure. Meet your clients where they are.

4. Specificity. God is in the details. Help them be specific.

5. Show, don’t tell.

6. Gratitude is the beginner’s practice. Generosity is the advanced practice.

7. Listen for what’s talking, not what’s being said. (Props to Joseph Campbell.)

8. No one escapes suffering. The cure for depression is anxiety (i.e., getting out of your comfort zone).

9. Optimize for serendipity.

10. Love heals.