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Can I see your business card?

Turn it over.

Now, write down exactly what you want.

I’m not talking about a solution. You didn’t come here for executive coaching or a strategy session or a team building. Those are just possible solutions.

I want to know what you want to create.

If it won’t fit on the back of a business card, you’re not clear enough. If you’re not clear about what you want, you’ll probably end up with something else.

“I strongly recommend you use Robert if you are looking to mature as a top exec, strengthen your team, improve your strategic thinking ability, present like a celeb, sell or articulate your vision clearly and simply.”

—JR Smith

Here’s the next step: Let’s talk.

I’m in Noe Valley in San Francisco. But I also like Skype.

You can reach me at 707.879.4460. Or fill out the form below.

And tell me, what’s on the back of your business card.


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