Hi. I’m Robert.

I help leaders create bold futures.

For almost thirty years, I’ve guided hundreds of global executives and teams, from startup founders to CEOs, on their inner and outer journeys toward extraordinary leadership.

I teach leadership and coach entrepreneurs for SU Ventures programs at Singularity University, including the Incubator program and the new Global Startup Program. I’ve also taught leadership at Stanford Universityas well as coaching entrepreneurs for the Nasdaq Milestone Makers program.


Hi. I’m Michèle.

I work with high achievers who want to become more powerful, intentional and effective leaders in all realms of their lives.

I’m a thought partner who helps leaders of impact throughout the world challenge themselves to take their careers and their companies to the next level. With a broad range of experience, from entrepreneur to strategy consultant to mindfulness and positivity scholar, I am able to see professional and personal challenges from many perspectives and provide unique insights.

I am a founding coach of the non-profit, The Coaching Fellowship, which nurtures and brings together some of the world’s most extraordinary women leaders of impact.


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