Teaching at Singularity University

Robert might be one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.
Robert Lang

With almost 30 years of experience across global companies—spanning startups, mid-stage, Fortune 500 giants, and non-profits—Robert guides leaders to take their impact to the next level at any stage of growth. His proven strength in coaching entrepreneurs and CEOs to become better leaders, think more strategically, create high performing teams, foster future-friendly cultures, and deliver compelling presentations—including several high-profile IPO roadshows—has earned him praise from one client as “one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.”

Robert teaches leadership and coaches entrepreneurs at Singularity University, and developed Level UP, the leadership curriculum for the new Global Startup Program.

He is also an executive coach and the founder of Futurosity.

Robert has worked with numerous clients, ranging from smaller companies and startups to many of the Fortune 500, including 3i Group, Apple, Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank, GE, Oracle, SAP, Tableau Software, and Quantenna. 

In addition to his role with Singularity University, Robert coaches entrepreneurs in the Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, helping late-early to mid-stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses to the next level. He has also taught Facing Challenge, Navigating Change: Leadership and “The Hero’s Journey,” an 8-week course at Stanford University using Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” as a framework to explore mindsets and skillsets for leading yourself and others on a heroic journey in business and in life.

Training coaches at the Coaching From Essence program

Robert received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in Counseling from the University of Colorado, where he studied transpersonal psychology. Robert has also studied healing arts at the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley.

Walking the streets of San Francisco with Robert Lang

Robert might be one of Silicon Valley’s best kept secrets. Rarely, I have met someone who was so quick to build a trusted relationship with. Granted, that Robert was introduced to me with very high recommendations, but then, many people do and Robert definitely exceeded my expectations. Even from our first meeting – a 2,5h walk through San Francisco, I took home very valuable feedback and questions to work on.

Robert LangCoaching client when he was CEO of Socialbakers

I look at Robert as an insider within my organization; he’s worked with all of my team and continues to contribute to our overall growth… I strongly recommend you use Robert if you are looking to mature as a top exec, strengthen your team, improve your strategic thinking ability, present like a celeb, sell or articulate your vision clearly and simply.

JR SmithCoaching client when he was CEO of AVG